Sage 300 CRM

Improving Collaboration Across

Your Organisation

Sage CRM for Sage 300 delivers the solutions you need to automate business processes and link up every corner of your business.

So whether you work in Accounts, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service or Management you can access the information you need, when you need it.

Sage CRM for Sage 300 is integrated with the Sage 300 ERP system and as part of your package you automatically have a free registered user license for Sage CRM.

Sage CRM for Sage 300 assists with business objectives and strategic goals as it delivers actionable business information. So whether you want to identify your most profitable customers, promote staff collaboration, open cases for customer service, or set up and track ROI through marketing activities, Sage CRM for Sage 300 ERP can be at the hub of business activity.

Sage 300 CRM Benefits by department

Sage 300 CRM for Sales

  • Maximise every sales opportunity by providing the powerful tools required to improve overall sales performance.
  • Put together and share sales reports to keep your team in the loop of progress
  • Manage your sales teams with the ability to schedule tasks, gain insight into sales pipelines and analyse overall sales teams performance
  • Set up the sales process in Sage CRM to suit the way you operate
  • Manage your sales cycle effectively by concentrating on those deals most likely to close and nurturing long term opportunities
  • Encourage your Sales and Marketing teams to work closely together and gain the synergy of combined efforts to keep information in the Sage CRM system and actively monitor and track marketing and sales communications

Sage 300 CRM for Marketing

  • With Sage CRM you can set up and create full marketing campaigns and track ROI against each campaign activity
  • Create and deliver marketing reports for business insight into overall campaign performance
  • Monitor the sources of leads through Sage CRM and align to campaign activity for overall performance tracking
  • Analyse the lead cycle with real time information from initial contact through to close
  • Qualify leads and group them accordingly to ensure every opportunity is nurtured.
  • Integration with Email marketing out of the box such as Mailchimp & Swiftpage to monitor variables such as open rates and clicks. 

Sage 300 CRM for Customer Care

  • Sage CRM includes full case management to capture, manage and resolve issues quickly
  • Record and document every customer interaction through the Sage CRM system against a customer contact file by making notes and integrating Outlook
  • Provide multiple channels to your customers by offering web access to a customer portal to raise support queries and view status of reports
  • View and measure call turnaround time and understand support requirements by each customer
  • Gather and store key information on customers to provide a better service
  • Ensure your staff have the resources they need to carry out their role with satisfaction and provision success

Is Sage CRM for Sage 300 for me?

  • Does your company want to improve customer understanding?
  • Do you need to make strategic decisions based on your customer base?
  • Do you need to improve internal communications?
  • Do you want to track ROI for marketing activities?

Contact Oakley ERP on 01268 724005 today to find out how Sage CRM for Sage 300 can help boost your business and help you achieve long term strategic goals.