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Adding users to Sage 300
Tuesday July 19, 2022

In this series of video's we show users "how to" manage Sage 300. This video is all about user creation, groups and authorisations.

The video can be viewed here

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The importance of upgrading
Thursday June 23, 2022

This year has seen governments advising businesses to ensure that any software used is up-to-date and using Multi Factor Authentication when logging in to these systems. The UK National Cyber Security Centre has published an article in April 2022 that specifically states:

Several immediate actions for all organisations to take to protect their networks are set out in the advisory, which include:

 prioritising the patching of known exploited vulnerabilities

enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA)

monitoring remote desktop protocol (RDP) and

providing end-user awareness and training

Therefore, we highly recommend as a technology partner, providing services for critical business systems, that you look at all of these factors which could compromise your accounting system and allow you to make an informed decision for your business. 

The priority should be for businesses to bring their accounting software up to a supported version, that ensures that any patches or security updates from Sage, Microsoft or SAP are applied and keep your systems safe. We are fast approaching a watershed in the software industry where old software will not work under the new tighter security system. You may have already seen this with web browsers. This is now spilling over into general line-of business software and preventing some systems from running. There will be no way to make the old software run with later security in place.

Another thing to bear in mind and something that Oakuity Ltd have been investigating is the best of breed MFA solutions in the market and we as a business can offer this service for any system on your network for as little as £7.00 per user per month. This is not just for your Sage 300 servers, but for any server on your network.

If your company already has Cyber Insurance in place, it is likely you will not be covered if your systems are out of date and unsupported.

The team at Oakuity are experts in finding solutions for their clients, whatever their business requirements.  If you are considering replacing your current ERP system but ned some guidance in what the best fit for you and your business could be, talk to them today on +44(0)1268 724005, or drop us an email at One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Sage 300 Help Screens
Friday May 20, 2022

In the series of "How To" video's, we have some tips and tricks on using Helpscreens in Sage 300 2022, the video can be found here.

Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks in our regular blogs page.

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Tuesday September 11, 2018

CASE STUDY - Coople UK lTD Find out how Oakley ERP helped Coople UK Ltd take control of their finances and operations using Sage 300 ERP software.

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How businesses can use ERP systems to gain a competitive advantage
Wednesday May 2, 2018

How businesses can use ERP systems to gain a competitive advantage The race for business success is a road filled with both rewards and potential pitfalls. Constantly striving for improvement is the backbone of business and commerce, but whether we can achieve that is often down to the tools at our disposal.

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The Benefits of ERP Software in the Insurance Sector
Wednesday May 2, 2018

The Benefits of ERP Software in the Insurance Sector The insurance industry in general is a paper heavy environment. Countless administration tasks, forms and contracts mean data accumulation can easily reach breaking point, fast. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a solution designed specifically for making these tasks (and many more) as efficient as possible. If you work within the insurance sector and feel you need a system that can help you streamline your processes, then read the following benefits of implementing an ERP system in the insurance sector.

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Is it time to spring clean your ERP System?
Wednesday May 2, 2018

Is it time to spring clean your ERP System? An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a vital piece of software that helps businesses streamline their processes and remain ahead of the curve against competitors. You may already have an ERP system implemented within your organisation but are starting to question the effectiveness of your current set up. Costs may be running higher than anticipated, your competitors are gaining ground on your business or the system is incapable of managing the needs of your expanding organisation. Whatever the reasoning it's always a good idea to reassess your systems and their effectiveness to find out what isn't working for you and your business. Here are five reasons you should be considering replacing or upgrading your current ERP system:

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Which Sage solution is the best fit for your business?
Thursday April 5, 2018

Which Sage solution is the best fit for your business? Whatever your job role, whatever your industry, Sage offers ERP solutions to fit all business needs. Whether it's collating customer data through a CRM, tracking and processing sales orders, or analysing key financial metrics, Sage has the tools to streamline your business processes.

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Top 5 benefits to expect from your ERP system
Thursday March 15, 2018

Top 5 benefits to expect from your ERP system Businesses have many driving factors in deciding whether to implement a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, often sharing the same wish lists and requirements with other organisations. Streamlining business processes, increasing revenue and driving forward growth against market competitors are key targets to attain.

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Why the Manufacturing industry needs ERP systems
Thursday February 1, 2018

Why the Manufacturing industry needs ERP systems The manufacturing industry is a hugely competitive market, and it’s continuing to grow year after year. One of the ways that organisations have been able to keep up with the changing landscape is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

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